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Varna Delphinarium


Varna – Delphinarium

Visiting the presentation of talented dolphins and their coaches in the Varna Dolphinarium. You will see the incredible sporting and acrobatic skills of our inmates. Height jumps for which we, humans, can only dream. Double somersault, triple axel. You will see how dolphins rescue people in water.

Panoramic city tour. Buses take us to the entertainment park Varna-Land, located in the heart of the Seaside Park and not far from the city center. You should have a light meal and free time: tourists can stroll along the alleys of the park, drowning in the greenery, along the pedestrian shopping street or stay in Varna-Land. It offers entertainment for all ages – the opportunity to ride a boat on a small lake with boats and water bikes, catamarans on a small lake, various attractions: swings, carousels, trampolines, inflatable slides, trains, a shooting range, a Viennese wheel, pushing cars and others. Excursion is in the morning with a return to 2 pm.


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