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Bulgarian Village


Bulgarian Village

The excursion combines the beauty and healing energy of natural attractions and the original atmosphere of a hospitable rural house.
The trip begins with a visit to the natural phenomenon of Pobiti Kamani. Then tourists go to the picturesque village of Solnik. A visit to the grandmother Radka and her family awaits the abundance of home-made wine and delicious dishes, folk humor and live folklore music, familiarity with the traditions of rural life and local customs. Upon arrival in Solnik guests first take a ride on the painted carts around the village, and then they will meet with bread and salt on the doorstep and be invited into the house. Here, everyone will be able to see the decoration of the house and admire the colorful rugs and blankets woven by the mistress herself. Then the guests will take a walk in the garden where live rabbits and other inhabitants of the farmyard, get acquainted with the production of the housekeeper of rakia, try the natural honey. A delicious dinner at grandmother’s house takes place in the intimate atmosphere of the courtyard, amidst the coolness of the vine and walnut trees. Degree of the mood is also raised by the lively participation in the program of guests dressed in national Bulgarian outfits.
The excursion ends with a boat trip along the Kamchiya River in one of the most remarkable Bulgarian nature reserves “Longosa”, where the beauty of the sea, the river and the dense floodplain forest are amazingly combined.


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