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Aquapolis Golden Sands


Aquapolis – Golden Sands

Have fun at:

  • An open slide with a width of two meters, imitating a river torrent, called the Wild River, down the curvy and knobby path of which visitors descend with the help of rings.
  • A straight slide with a width of two meters, called Niagara, down the knobby path of which visitors descend with a maximum speed of 50 km/h with the help of rings.
  • Two completely closed dark pipes – the Black hole, down to which visitors descend, passing through unexpected curves, glimmering at some spots with pulsating lights.
  • The quadruple-track slide – Slalom is a major entertainment for a group of friends that had been challenged to compete.
  • The most exciting experience in Aquapolis is the high-speed slide type “Kamikaze”. It is for people who enjoy extreme sensations. The launch occurs from a platform with a height of 18 meters and a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

“Aquapolis” had been divided into several zones:

  • “For adults”
  • “For children”
  • “Extreme zone”

The adult section accommodates the so-called Slow River, 300 meters long, passing by a water temple with a waterfall, water streams, rock fragments and temple ruins. This zone also accommodates a large pool for adults – a recreation spot, where the visitor can enjoy the magnificent park view.

A bridge and a waterfall connect the pool to the balneology zone, in which several Jacuzzi and hydro-massage are located.
A fast-food establishment – restaurant “Ambrosia”, restaurant a la cart “Arcadia”, pool-bar “Neptune”, panoramic snack-bar “Alcazar”.

At the children shelter the attraction for kids is the pool with a large dragon, whose mouth sports a slide. The pool also accommodates a turtle and two small dinosaurs and several slides of varied length.


aquapolis golden sands

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