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The Historical Park


The Historical Park

The Historical Park /33km from Varna, with its 32 acres/ is the largest cultural and historical complex of its kind, with more than 22 actual-size, unique authentic buildings of real size and representing different historical periods on site.
The Historical Park offers you to:

• familiarise yourself with Bulgarian and Balkan history and culture, admiring the unique and uniquely restored exceptional historical buildings and their interiors: the prehistoric village, the Thracian palace, the marble temple of the mother goddess, three different Thracian tombs , medieval fortresses, a fortified camp from the Early Middle Ages and many others;
• Give your children a safe way to learn and have fun at the same time;
• Become a hero of the past by participating in historical reenactments and thematic attractions;
• Taste authentic and ancient recipes typical of these various epochs. Meals and drinks are entirely prepared from Bulgarian organic products
• Attend historical shows and festivals;
• Take part in training in medieval martial arts;
• Discover the way of life and attend a falconry demonstration
• Practice horseback riding;
• Navigate aboard a medieval boat;
• Shoot with a traditional bow;

For organized youth and children’s groups Historical Park offers unique programs that combine the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, as well as the opportunity to have fun.
The children in the Historical Park will take part in an open lesson, which includes:

1. Educational Game: Wisdom of the Ages
During the visit to the Historical Park, a group of children will be divided into teams of 15 children, and each of the teams will go through different eras and areas of the park.
The task of each team during a guided tour is to gather and acquire as much knowledge as possible to use in solving puzzle questions at the end of the tour.The team with the most correct answers will win.

2. Performance in the Thracian zone.
Children will have the opportunity to learn more about beautiful treasures, fearsome weapons and to meet in person the mighty Thracian kings in the specially restored Thracian palace with a ritual throne hall, treasury and royal chambers. Kings will test every child and then dedicate it in military rank.

3. Performance in the Early Medieval settlement – weapons and medieval fighting skills.
In an educational talk and demonstration, the recreators will help children to get into touch with the world of medieval martial arts and weapons.

Additional attractions.
1. Performance with falcons.
In the Historical Park, tourists will be able to enjoy an open-air demonstration of the skills of trained preying birds/falcons /. During a special presentation, the coach will give additional information about their hunting habits.
2. Archery lessons.
The bow and arrows are one of the most ancient weapons. The Thracians and their successors the proto-Bulgarians were skilled archers, and they own many of their victories on the excellent use of this weapons.
3. Sailing by boat.
The lake of the Historical Park is on three levels. Its total area is 10000 square meters. The middle level is accessible to boats.


Исторически парк, Неофит Рилски

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