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Balchik – Kaliakra – Bivaka


Balchik – Kaliakra – Bivaka

Visit to the architectural and park complex in the town of Balchik, including the summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria and the Botanical Garden. The palace park with rare and exotic plants was created by the famous Swiss park planner at the beginning of the 20th century. Now the complex has more than 3000 plants. The cacti collection, which is second in number after the collection in Monaco, is world famous. Palace of Queen Mary is also of interest to visit, the building conquers with its style, reflecting the queen’s religious views. The park has many villas of the same period, waterfalls, a chapel, Venetian bridges, a terrace in the Romanesque style, gardens in different styles, the stone throne of the queen, beautiful decorated corners of the park and many more interesting stories will open this amazing place.

Further along the road, a pottery workshop for the production of traditional Bulgarian ceramics is inspected. You should visit the cape Kaliakra, which captivates with its beauty and cultural finds of antiquity. In the medieval chronicles, its name is found as Tirisis, Acre, Kaliakra – translated from the Greek “Beautiful Cape”. The first Thirkian Thyrish settlements were still in the 4th century BC. During the Macedonian colonization, the Thracian Thirisian fortress became the fortress of the successor of Alexander the Great Lizimah, who hid innumerable riches in the caves of the cape. Mys Kaliakra went down in history and the event – July 31 (August 11), 1791, during the Russian-Turkish war, a battle took place near the cape in which the Russian fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Fyodor Ushakov defeated the Turkish and Algerian ships. A well-known legend tells of 40 girls who fell into slavery to the Turks, spinning their hair into one braid, rushed into the depths of the sea from the rocky shore of Kaliakra, so as not to fall to the enslavers.

For those who wish, the tour continues with dinner in the open-air restaurant at the “Bivak” picnic – white and red wine in barrels, without restriction. Rich folklore program, dancing on hot coals – nestinary, disco).


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