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The town of Devin is located in the heart of the Western Rhodopes, in the valley of Vucha River, at 710 meters above sea level. The population of the city is about 7,200 people. The region’s greatest wealth is water. The most significant water streams are the Vacha, Devinska, Muglenska and Trigrad rivers. An important factor for the development of spa and SPA tourism is the clean air in the area.

Devin is a city that combines varied relief, scenic nature, mild climate and the presence of several types of mineral springs with a high flow rate and a water temperature of 16 ° C to 78 ° C. It is this combination of nature, air and water, as well as the hospitality of the Rhodopes, making the region attractive and unique for the visitors.

The fresh, cool cool climate and the large number of sunny days have a stimulating curative-prophylactic effect. The climate is transient continental with typical lower summer temperatures. Autumn is warmer than spring.

Mineral water is suitable for the treatment and prevention of various types of diseases. By external application water treats diseases of the locomotory system, nervous system, genital system and skin diseases. Gastrointestinal, gall-liver, kidney-urologic and metabolic-endocrine disorders are treated by drinking. They also respond well to diseases of the respiratory system.