The town of Bankya is located 17 km west of Sofia, at the foot of Lyulin Mountain, at an average height of about 700 m. Its population is about 9,500 people.

Monuments, a church, a tennis complex, a national racecourse, nature trails, mineral baths close to Liulin Mountain, dozens of cultural events organized during traditional holidays of mineral water “Goreshlyatsi” in July attracted the interest of numerous guests.


  • The building of the thermal spa – built in 1907
  • “Vazov oak” – favorite holiday place of writer Ivan Vazov
  • In the “Martyrs Kirik and Yulita” – built in 1932, consecrated in Sofia, Metropolitan Stefan
  • Public center “Vasil Levski” – was founded in 1928 with the first teacher of the donor Vladimir Markov. Today the library numbers more than 20 thousand volumes of fiction and scientific and technical literature. The oldest institution of culture in the city. To develop the active youth of the dance ensemble, the child and the youth of the dance group, the choirs of old urban and folk songs, school sports dancing, a rock band, a youth sports club
  • The “Dimitar Blagoev” Museum
  • Dvotino Monastery “Holy Trinity”
  • Klisura monastery “St. Petka”

The healing power of water and a favorable climate have attracted people since ancient times. From the first settlers in the territory of the Bankya of the Thracian tribes, before 2500, and then the Romans – in the archaeological site discovered the remains of Roman buildings, walls, drainage, bronze bracelets from the 4th to 5th century AD.

The resort is a national center for the rehabilitation and prevention of patients with cardiovascular diseases, neurological and musculoskeletal system. Bankya is famous for its mineral water, the temperature of which is 36.5-37 ° C. Water is low in mineralization, hypothermal, low hardness, clear, odorless, with a very pleasant taste and suitable for everyday use. It is widely used to treat cardiovascular diseases and damage to the nervous system. Mineral water is also associated with the name Bankya, which means “small bathroom”.

Natural resources and numerous mineral springs form Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort as an ecological reserve of Sofia, characterized by greenery, a temperate climate with gentle mountain breezes and sunny days.