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Sunny Day

Sunny Day

Sunny Day resort is one of the most beautiful places for holiday in Bulgaria, which will definitely fascinate you and will probably completely meet your expectations for a quiet holiday and complete recreation and relaxation. First and foremost, one of the major advantages of the complex is its location. 10 km northeast of the summer capital of Bulgaria – the town of Varna; 16 km from the airport; 8 km south of the Golden Sands resort
The climate in the Sunny Day resort region is very favorable for holiday in Bulgaria and is similar to that of the leading Mediterranean resorts – the average monthly air temperatures in the summer are 23-28°С, and of the sea water – 24-25°С, with about 1,700 hours of sunshine from May to September.

sunny day

The unique conditions for rest and relaxation have been provided by nature itself;
a small still cove with excellent, rare for Bulgaria eastern exposure;
a spacious strip of beach, 1 km long and 20 m to 80 m wide;
a calm sea with shallow sandy bottom, gradually sloping to the beach;
a splendid natural park with rare tree species;
mineral waters springs, with curative properties unique for Bulgaria;
air fresh and transparent as rock crystal

Sunny Day resort is in the immediate vicinity of the first Bulgarian Black Sea resort “St. Constantine”. The complex has a capacity of about 1,300 beds in four elegant hotels – Palace Hotel, Marina Hotel, Veronika Hotel and Mirage Hotel, built on the very seashore. If you make just a few steps you can feel the warm sand under your toes.