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Varna is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The place had been settles ever since the fourth millennium BC; for this witnesses the oldest gold in the world, found in the vicinity, weighing 5 kg. Drawn by the unusual stillness of the Black Sea, Greece sailors from Millet found a colony – the town Odessos (“town by the water”) in the VI century BC. Its name Varna the city acquired after the forming of the Bulgarian state in 681 and becomes one of the big ports, a point of departure for freights for Constantinople, Venice and Dubrovnik.

Presently, Varna is one of the most important tourists, trade, economic, educational, cultural centers in Bulgaria. The city is situated on several terraces, sweeping down to the sea. It is rightly called the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – it is on the same altitude as the famous French resorts Bayonne and Biarritz. In the summer temperatures don’t exceed 30oC – 31o C, and the water is around +23o С – +24o С.

A stroll along Varna – this is a pleasant entertainment for the tourists, bored with the beach. The city and its environs are fascinating. In the city center, on the “Kiril i Merodij” square is the Cathedral “Uspenie Presvyatiya Bogoroditzi”- i.e. The Assumption”. This is the place-symbol of faith and defines the face of the sea-capital of Bulgaria. The church is the first monument to the memory of the Russian soldiers and all people who fought for the Bulgarian freedom in the Russian – Turkish War of Liberation /1877-1878/.

The Varna city center is declared a pedestrian zone and is closed for motor transport. If you go from the Cathedral, alongside of the theatre, the sea is at a stone’s throw. You will see many buildings along the way, built on the passage of two centuries.

One of the sights of the town are,. Of course, the Roman baths, taking space of 7000m2 among the streets “Graf Ignatiev”, “San-Stefano”, “Han Krum” and “Tsar Kaloyan”. They were built in the II century, under the rule of Emperor Adrian. They were a big complex that included not only the baths, but also halls for games, shops, rest- rooms – all this comes to life in front of the visitor’s eye, and leaves them deeply moved by the dimension of what they have seen.

The archaeological museum has one of the most interesting collections of its kind in Bulgaria. Especially fascinating are the stone statues, grave stones of noblemen, reminding human figures. But the museum’s adornment is the oldest tooled gold in the world – the objects, found in the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis date back to the fourth millennium BC.

The Sea Garden (80 a), situated alongside the beach, close to the city center, is a real place of piece and quiet. The garden is created in the end of the 19-th century by Anton Novak from the Czech Republic. The unique architectural baroque motifs, like the ones in the royal Viennese gardens of Schonbrun and Belvedere. There are you can visit the Dolphinarium, the Aquarium, many children playgrounds and different attractions.